I have tons of homework but funimation said I should be watching

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If you cloned yourself and then got a handjob from your clone, is that incest, homosexual, or masturbation?

its a sin thats what it is

#pretty sure its dramatical murder

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You shriek and call with all your might,
Eyes void of hope you can only writhe.
You prayed for God but behold who came,
A monster whose eyes glow aflame.
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that one ship that makes your entire body and soul hurt when you think about it


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Something I started last year. Really wanted to finish this one!
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My piece for Light Grey Art Lab's Animystics show in Minneapolis, opening Friday, April 25th!
A portion of the proceeds will be going towards animal rescues - I chose Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. You can purchase framed and signed prints from over a hundred artists or spread the word to help support it!
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do you ever just stop and think about your obsession with something and say to yourself “oh man, i’m in too deep

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鋼の錬金術師 -FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST- Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Concept Art

Edward’s Last Transmutation
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